Divers in romance (part 8) Her mother asked me the shark attack潛水員的浪漫(八)解構鯊魚襲擊事件


This article contained erotic narrative.
Anyone who is prudish doesn't suitable to read this article.

When we arrived at Hong Kong, her mother has waited for us in front of the custom exit. She asked me to come with them and stay a few days. I thought that I returned earlier than my plan, so I agreed with her invitation before going back to work. She said she was so shocked to hear the accident, because the victim was her client whom she just met one month before.

Her mother said she has prepared a guest room for me, but Camilla said she didn't mind I lived in her room. 

She is bathing
She told her mother to have a rest because we just has had a twenty-four hours flight. 

After we had had a bath together, we went to her bed. 
She sleeps on the bed
She told me she loves to please me for doing fellatio, because nothing but pleasing a man whom she loves is better than this. I asked her if she really enjoys it. I didn't want she does a thing that she dislikes. She said this doesn't hurt her. She enjoys to please me. I asked her whether she likes me to lick her vulva. She
She sits on the bed
said I may do what I wants, but she was afraid the stink of her vagina is unpleasant to me. Following this, I asked what I should do to make her to have the greatest excitement and enjoyment. She said I shouldn't have such pressure. It's the thought that counts. She just wants me to lick 
gently by lips and tongue without teeth. I was preparing my fledgling techniques anxiously.

She sits on the bed
We kissed a moment and I said"I will serve you first". I went from kissing her lips to kissing a line down her chest, her nipples, her umbilicus and her labia. She rested in a position like going to the gynecologist. She said you would stop, if you felt there has pungent smell. I responed to her that she didn't need to be afraid and embarrassing and her aroma was slightly pungent. She laid back down and tried to relax. I licked from her vagina to clit and sneaked into her vagina with the lightest touch of the tip of my tongue to avoid to hurt her.
She laid down on bed
I tasted what her clit was. It was hard, slippery and eager for stimulation. She praised me that I was a zinger who had her practically flying off the bed. I then was gentle and slow for tracing my tongue around her clit and between the folds of her labia. She told me to start moving faster. I flicked my tongue over her clit, crura, and vestibular bulbs. I licked and whirled inward and in between, up and down, then round and round. She told me to apply pressure on them as well. Her hips were shaking and her lips quivered. Letting soft moans escape, she could not help and was lifting her ass off the bed and pushing her pussy into my face because of orgasm. I felt little rhythmic quakes on my tongue. She let out a long groan of pleasure as my mouth stayed pressed on the source of her pounding. She screamed in ecstasy and drenched in sweat. After she has rested for a while, she said her felling was much stronger than masturbation. She said she was so blissful to receive my exquisite cunnilingus.

I said I have a word that I haven't had courage to say. You have dazzled me for a long time. I love you. Would you be my girlfriend? She said she has waited for a long time to hear that. She said she has swallowed this words for many time because of insufficient brave to express her feelings.
We thought that it is someone to call it fate.

We then slept until at dusk. Her mother prepared a dinner for us and
The printout of UnderSea Hunter
she said a story why 
Rohina Bhandari went to Cocos Island. She had a meeting with Rohina and her colleagues in her office a month ago. After the meeting, Rohina went to her room and saw some printouts that were the information of Undersea Hunter, which was given by Camilla. Rohina was attracted by a photo of hammerhead shark. She said she was a fans of hammerhead sharks because they swim elegantly and she just got a diving licence. Camilla's mother told her that her daughter is a diving instructor and would go to Cocos Island next month and gave her the details of the trip. That was the reason why the vessel was overbooked in the last minute.

Camilla's mother asked whether she caused Rohina death.
I told her that she did nothing wrong. Watching hammerhead sharks was her will. 

After that, I picked up my computer to show my study about shark attack cases recently. 
Cases of shark attack in the past
This file has collected the cases of shark or suspected shark attack since 1900.
Black whose upper arm was bitten
on 24th Dec, 2000
Majority cases happened on the surface.  For the cases that happened to scuba divers, they were doing either hunting or feeding.
A case that happened in Australia on 24th of December in 2000 was reported that a shark bit a scuba diver's arm, because he was in charging a shark feeding show.

Hong Kong that had several cases has collected, but there was only one case that happened to a scuba diver on 1st of June in 1995. He was a solo diver and doing spearfishing. The below is the newspaper clip of Ming Po to report such case, but the caption said he was an experience diver is arguable.
News report from Ming Po of a shark attack on 1st of June in 1995

I played her the video that was produced by Undersea Hunter, which was for memorial to the passed away diver Rohina Bhandari. 

While her mother was watching it, her tear was dropping. Camilla and I held her hands to give her practical and emotional support.

I played another video that is a documentary of discovery channel about a shark expert who was bitten during an interview. The director wanted to film sharks swimming around the interviewee, so the crews were dropping a lot of fishes around the expert that provoked a bull shark to bit him.
After her mother had listened my explanation, she had relief and believed that it was solely an accident and she needed not blame herself. She gave me a hug to appreciate my explanation.

Camilla said I had to curry favour her mother successfully. 

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