Raja Ampat, Indonesia Manta rays

東印尼,Raja Ampat的Manta sandy. 水深15米,整個下潛時間成72分鐘。是我去過的Manta cleaning station 中,最好欣賞manta 的地方。

Clean plastic bags

Post typhoon beach cleanup Saturday July 28th 11am

"There has been an horrendous spill of tiny preproduction plastic pellets totalling in excess of 5000 kg which we ( Including City Management, EPD, FEHD, Marine Dept) have been trying to clear off the beach before they are washed back in the sea. On Saturday we want to clear as much of the ‘other’ plastics washed ashore which includes an abundance of single use disposable plastics. It is always dreadful the amount of plastic that is deposited on the beach after a typhoon."

Video about this disaster:
Plastic Disaster Hong Kong

There were 6 containers, which contained plastic pellets, dropped into ocean.
I went to clean the bags left underwater.
We found six bags on that day.