Divers in romance (part 10) I helped her install the she-p for dry suit潛水員的浪漫(十)幫她成功裝好乾衣女性用小便裝置

True Lies

That I watched a movie True Lies made me know how a dry suit is used. It can keep a diver warm and dry under ice water. Arnold Schwarzenegger wear shirt under the dry suit. After he has taken off the dry suit, he can wear a tuxedo at once and go to a diplomatic banquet.
This is the scene of how Arnold takes off his dry suit.
After you have watched it, did you find a flaw from it?
The director uses a back-zipper dry suit for Arnold that must be unzipped by other people.
Had he used a front-zipper dry suit that can be self-donned, it would have been more convincing.
I also had another question from this scene. Can a shirt that was worn under a dry suit be as straight as a just ironed shirt? I did my proof later.
Dry suit with front-zipper

As I said before, the water temperature in Hong Kong is quite low in winter. There are several choices that we may use to overcome.
1. Dry suit
2. Thicker wet suit
3. Electronic heating warm diving suit
Electronic heating warm diving suit

Dry suit is the most expensive solution. It costed over HK$20000 (US$2600) per suit twenty years ago, but it has dropped to below HK$10000(US$1300) in most of the brands. 

Dry suit divers are required to take a lesson on the usage of dry suit, which includes a lecture and
a practise in open water. You may learn how you use the deflated valve, handle the leakage of inflator, control the air that is trapped in the area of your boots, and practice the buoyancy control by using dry suit.

Diving in water, we often feel to have pee because of the phenomenon of immersion diuresis.
Wearing dry suit can't urinate as free as wetsuit in which we may do whenever we want, if it isn't installed a pee valve. For men, their penis wears an uridome, which is similar to a condom but with an open end, to attach the pee valve. Therefore, the wearing procedure is very similar to wearing condoms with a little trick.
Pee valve

Wearing uridome

In the contrary, women can't enjoy such freedom. They used to wear diapers as their anatomy of genital is difference until 2006.
A female diver, Heleen who is a Dutch, invented a primary version of she-p, which was made by latex, because she had envied the freedom of male divers. As a lot of people had an allergy to latex. Nowadays, they are made by medical grade silicone.
The outlook of  the she-p

She-p is used to cover and adhere the whole female genital. 

An installation package of she-p
After we have bought our dry suit, we tested them at her home. I tried my uridome first, which doesn't require to shave, but shaving makes it easier to be detached. Camilla helped me wear it. She dried my penis and pull out my prepuce, the foreskin, as long as it can be pulled, because this provides the longest adhesive surface for the uridome.  
The genital after shaving
Wearing technique is as same as the usage of condom, but it has an additional adhesive surface inside. Finally, her palm held my penis firmly to apply force to make sure the uridome adhered to my skin of penis. I wonder men with short penis may not be suitable to use it because they have insufficient surface to adhere. I then connect it to the hose of pee valve. When I was urinating, my urine was coming out from the pee valve. 

Wearing She-p

For she-p, it is much complicated for donning. Shaving is a basic requirement. She sat in the bathroom with legs wide open and I used a razor to shave all the hair surrounding her vulva. 

After shaving, I gazed at her genital. It looks soft and clear, when it has no hair.

Uro-Bond IV
She-p is required to clean by medical alcohol every time. After all alcohol has vaporised, I applied a thin layer of Uro-Bond, 
which is used for medical originally.
I dried her skin and applied another layer of Uro-Bond on her skin. The rear size of the she-p must be as far back as possible without covering the anus, while the front size of the she-p can't directly contact her clitoris that is why there has an open space in the middle by design.
Rear position of She-p
Otherwise, her skin will be pinched and gotten sore. As Uro-Bond IV is a pressure sensitive adhesive, the she-p can be
Applying Uro-bond on She-p
peeled and restuck for better positioning without reapplication. After it has been firmly adhered to her vulva, she wore two thong underware one on either side of the reservoir and followed by a pair of boyshorts pants, which is used for additional force to keep the she-p in position. She tried to
Applying Uro-Bond on the skin
urinate as men. Her urine came out from the host of she-p. We then checked whether it has had any leakage. It was prefect for the first-time installation. She tested once more when it has connected to the pee valve with dry suit on. 

Installed She-p
We dived in winter and some places where water temperature is lower than 15 degree. We were ready to go to South Africa trip.
Both of us have satisfied  the dry suit and pee valve to provide an comfortable experience that we have never held a full bladder to surface and rush to toilet again.

Can shirt keep stright?

I wanted to prove whether True Lies is true. I wore a shirt with tie as undergarment. When I have been descending, the water pressure has been applying pressure on the dry suit and squeezing the
Dry suit with shirt and tie
undergarment. For shirts that make of mixture of polyester and cotton can stay wrinkle-free quite well, but pure cotton cannot stay when it has worn several times.


Camilla used to use tampons for her period before. Tampon is a roll of cotton and rayon that is inserted into vagina to soak up menstrual blood. Using she-p solves this trouble too because it collects blood also. Afterwards, she has gave up to use tampons in wearing wet suit, because blood was diluted quickly. Someone ask whether the blood attracts sharks to attack. I will explain this question later.

Divers in romance (part 9) Sadin Run in South Africa潛水員的浪漫(九)南非的沙甸球

Girl with black clothes

A Candid Conversation

I have stayed in Camilla's home for a few days and I found that her mother has also taken a leave after she heard the accident. This was the right moment that Camilla and I were able to talk to her as a witness, because we read many speculations that were posted on webs had no ground and they didn't know what happened actually.

Her mother had a lot of questions to ask me of my personal, although I have known Camilla told most of them to her.

Her mother asked why I had not dated Camilla until the Cocos
Island trip. She said her daughter had been so frustrated before, so she has been encouraging her to act dominantly, but she worried whether it was because she was not a virgin or I would reject her after her confession. Her mother has always told her that she thought too much. Therefore, she invited me to her birthday party to meet me personally, and she facilitated a situation to make us living in a room of the Cocos Island trip. Then I fully understood why she had blamed herself of Rohina's death.

I explained that her daughter is such allure. I have been fond of her since we met in the diving courses and I have appreciated her to take care of me, but the financial gap has made me to hesitate to express my feeling to
her or I am timid. At last, I bottled it. Her mother corrected me that her daughter is not rich, but her family is. She is just a freelance and self-employed tutor and doesn't earn too much in the term of rich people. We had a candid conversation that has made me know the behind story of Camilla and so did her mother on me. The whole picture has been added up.

Her mother pulled me towards her and whispered a secret of her daughter. I said I would keep a lid on it. She said I am her daughter second boy-friend and would be the last one. She wished her daughter broke up with her ex-boy friend, after the first time she met him, because he looked like a Casanova and flirted every where. He betrayed her several times. Camilla had kept the relationship because she lost her virginity to him. 

Sardine run in South Africa
This night, we watched a documentary about South Africa, which
South Africa fur seal
films sardine run, fur seals, penguins and white sharks. Between June and August, an immense amount of sardines swim and head north up from Cape Town along the coast of eastern South Africa. Many animals chase and hunt them, as they are delicious food for them. Usually, the sardines swim in a group, but the bottle-nose dolphins are very clever. They start to chase the sardines to the surface, and drive the shoal together into a bait ball. This technique is called bubble-netting. 

African penguin
Cape gannet
Then an enormous amount of hunters join the fray. They are Bryde's whales, bronze whaler sharks, Cape gannets that hunt through plunge-diving and Cape fur seals. You may see from the video, the scene is spectacular and impressive.

Camilla said she wants to see next year. I told her that I just got a message from Undersea Hunter. They have offered us having two free seats to compensate for our last trip that was terminated early by an accident. This company did very well to have such offer within such short period, which is fair to their guests. I told Camilla: "We will try to ride the submarine to explore the deep sea next trip."
submarine descending


This is the video of our next visiting of Cocos Island.

Cleaning of Camilla's teeth

We went to dive in Hong Kong before the end of my holiday.
Camilla tested whether cleaner shrimps also clean human's teeth.
The answer is in the below video.

Divers in romance (part 8) Her mother asked me the shark attack潛水員的浪漫(八)解構鯊魚襲擊事件


This article contained erotic narrative.
Anyone who is prudish doesn't suitable to read this article.

When we arrived at Hong Kong, her mother has waited for us in front of the custom exit. She asked me to come with them and stay a few days. I thought that I returned earlier than my plan, so I agreed with her invitation before going back to work. She said she was so shocked to hear the accident, because the victim was her client whom she just met one month before.

Her mother said she has prepared a guest room for me, but Camilla said she didn't mind I lived in her room. 

She is bathing
She told her mother to have a rest because we just has had a twenty-four hours flight. 

After we had had a bath together, we went to her bed. 
She sleeps on the bed
She told me she loves to please me for doing fellatio, because nothing but pleasing a man whom she loves is better than this. I asked her if she really enjoys it. I didn't want she does a thing that she dislikes. She said this doesn't hurt her. She enjoys to please me. I asked her whether she likes me to lick her vulva. She
She sits on the bed
said I may do what I wants, but she was afraid the stink of her vagina is unpleasant to me. Following this, I asked what I should do to make her to have the greatest excitement and enjoyment. She said I shouldn't have such pressure. It's the thought that counts. She just wants me to lick 
gently by lips and tongue without teeth. I was preparing my fledgling techniques anxiously.

She sits on the bed
We kissed a moment and I said"I will serve you first". I went from kissing her lips to kissing a line down her chest, her nipples, her umbilicus and her labia. She rested in a position like going to the gynecologist. She said you would stop, if you felt there has pungent smell. I responed to her that she didn't need to be afraid and embarrassing and her aroma was slightly pungent. She laid back down and tried to relax. I licked from her vagina to clit and sneaked into her vagina with the lightest touch of the tip of my tongue to avoid to hurt her.
She laid down on bed
I tasted what her clit was. It was hard, slippery and eager for stimulation. She praised me that I was a zinger who had her practically flying off the bed. I then was gentle and slow for tracing my tongue around her clit and between the folds of her labia. She told me to start moving faster. I flicked my tongue over her clit, crura, and vestibular bulbs. I licked and whirled inward and in between, up and down, then round and round. She told me to apply pressure on them as well. Her hips were shaking and her lips quivered. Letting soft moans escape, she could not help and was lifting her ass off the bed and pushing her pussy into my face because of orgasm. I felt little rhythmic quakes on my tongue. She let out a long groan of pleasure as my mouth stayed pressed on the source of her pounding. She screamed in ecstasy and drenched in sweat. After she has rested for a while, she said her felling was much stronger than masturbation. She said she was so blissful to receive my exquisite cunnilingus.

I said I have a word that I haven't had courage to say. You have dazzled me for a long time. I love you. Would you be my girlfriend? She said she has waited for a long time to hear that. She said she has swallowed this words for many time because of insufficient brave to express her feelings.
We thought that it is someone to call it fate.

We then slept until at dusk. Her mother prepared a dinner for us and
The printout of UnderSea Hunter
she said a story why 
Rohina Bhandari went to Cocos Island. She had a meeting with Rohina and her colleagues in her office a month ago. After the meeting, Rohina went to her room and saw some printouts that were the information of Undersea Hunter, which was given by Camilla. Rohina was attracted by a photo of hammerhead shark. She said she was a fans of hammerhead sharks because they swim elegantly and she just got a diving licence. Camilla's mother told her that her daughter is a diving instructor and would go to Cocos Island next month and gave her the details of the trip. That was the reason why the vessel was overbooked in the last minute.

Camilla's mother asked whether she caused Rohina death.
I told her that she did nothing wrong. Watching hammerhead sharks was her will. 

After that, I picked up my computer to show my study about shark attack cases recently. 
Cases of shark attack in the past
This file has collected the cases of shark or suspected shark attack since 1900.
Black whose upper arm was bitten
on 24th Dec, 2000
Majority cases happened on the surface.  For the cases that happened to scuba divers, they were doing either hunting or feeding.
A case that happened in Australia on 24th of December in 2000 was reported that a shark bit a scuba diver's arm, because he was in charging a shark feeding show.

Hong Kong that had several cases has collected, but there was only one case that happened to a scuba diver on 1st of June in 1995. He was a solo diver and doing spearfishing. The below is the newspaper clip of Ming Po to report such case, but the caption said he was an experience diver is arguable.
News report from Ming Po of a shark attack on 1st of June in 1995

I played her the video that was produced by Undersea Hunter, which was for memorial to the passed away diver Rohina Bhandari. 

While her mother was watching it, her tear was dropping. Camilla and I held her hands to give her practical and emotional support.

I played another video that is a documentary of discovery channel about a shark expert who was bitten during an interview. The director wanted to film sharks swimming around the interviewee, so the crews were dropping a lot of fishes around the expert that provoked a bull shark to bit him.
After her mother had listened my explanation, she had relief and believed that it was solely an accident and she needed not blame herself. She gave me a hug to appreciate my explanation.

Camilla said I had to curry favour her mother successfully. 

Divers in romance (part 7) The night after a diver passed away 潛水員的浪漫(七)潛水員過身後的一夜

Please notice that anyone who is prudish doesn't suitable to read this article.

All of us were upset to see such accident.

Camilla and I went back to our room to have a rest.
I heard she was crying and she said: "We just had talked during the breakfast, before her body soon became pale white when she was saved and brought on board." I saw that her eyes were swollen up with tears.

I was thinking whether I might console and alleviate her. We have stared into each eyes for a few minutes, then her hands put on my neck and her head rested on my shoulder. I then hugged her and said: "If you feel comfortable, I don't mind you are crying on my shoulder."

I felt both our heartbeats were increasing and our breath were  getting heavily. Our lips were getting closer and closer, then we have been kissing.
Her tongue was going inside to my mouth, and so did I. I reached a point of no return that I couldn't control my emotion. I caressed her face, neck, and breasts, and so did her. She stroked my penis, and has been making some humming and droning sound for me and took off her clothes and bra. I stroked her breasts and felt her soft breasts and hard teats. Then my fingers went inside of her thigh. Her clitoral area became more swollen with arousal, and she got even more sensitive.

She then changed her position on my upper side and sat on me. Her long and untied hair rested on her body naturally, which was just long enough to cover her nipples.
her breasts
She was keeping to kiss with me. We shared our breaths and sweats. I was so flustered. I shouldn't go further because I haven't prepared yet, but my libido has driven my emotion. I would not think that we might make love during the trip. Making a girl pregnancy is really hurt when she needs an abortion
 and I don't want to become a father too.

Woman is pregnant

As Hong Kong's governing is getting worse, political neutral and fairness have gone. Also, the independent of jurisdiction is deteriorating and it has become a police state. In short, Hong Kong has become a tyranny. It is really hurt for a child in the future. Moreover, the population is too much in the world. 

Then I said to her: "We should hold up, because I haven't prepared and have any condoms. You may have pregnancy." She replied:"Don't worry. It is ok." 

While I was hesitating, she took off our smalls. She put my penis into her vagina, and we have soon become a unity. Her supple breasts were wobbling, while she moved harmonically. Having coitus was an exercise that required an enormous workload, which we shouldn't do after we had repetitive dives within 24 hours.

When I felt I was going to have ejection, I asked her: "Should I take it out?". I knew this was not a good idea for birth control, but it might have little help. She replied: "Keep inside and eject into my body." 

I felt she was so ecstatic and thrilling. Her body was tense and spasm. She had an orgasm that was so good she laughed her ass off from the euphoria. Both of us got heavily sweaty, even though I have turned the air conditioner to work at full capacity. I asked her: "Do you need to have a shower?" She said: "She wants to keep my sweat and smell for a while." Then we hugged each other and kissed. After we have had sex, both of us underwent some kind of catharsis. 

We giggled each other, suddenly, I was aware and said: "I don't want to be another example of decompression sickness (DCS) victim, we were indispensable to drink a lot of water now."

Why did I say that?
Recently, DAN, which is an organization
to promote dive safety and offers diving insurance, had a medical report that stated a case of DCS. There was a couple who went to a liveonboard diving journey and the female suffered DCS. After an investigation of their diving profile, DAN found that they abided by the rules of no decompression limit. Finally, they studied their activities that they had done after dives and learned that they had sex. This was the reason why the female suffered DCS. When I had taught diving class, I usually said that you don't do any strenuous exercises and hot bath after dives that are referred to playing basket ball or football. I have added this warning to my students after that.

We went to the pantry to have a large of glass of water. I told her we should keep monitoring any DCS' symptoms for an hour. After I had a lot of water, I went to bathroom to have urination. She suddenly barged in the bathroom to give me a back hug. She was so naughty.  

She told me that she have had birth control since she had dating, because her mother has been caring about her and brought her to a doctor who advised her to use intrauterine device, IUD, which requires less maintenance and she won't have any chance to use it incorrectly like condoms. She uses ParaGard IUD, which doesn't have hormones and has protection for pregnancy up to 12 years. This IUD is a tiny device that's put into her uterus and it is one of the most effective birth control methods, which claims 100% protection.

After I have known this, I felt a great relief of worrying her to have baby.
Lucky, both of us didn't feel any DCS symptoms after an hour.

After our vessel has taken 36 hours travelling, we arrived to the pier. They transferred the corpse to police for them to have an autopsy. We all stood on the starboard and joined in tribute. Then we sung laments to mourn the passed away diver.

As our flight would be on the next day, we stayed one night in San Jose.
We have booked two rooms before, so we requested to arrange a twin rooms. I wondered why she always required a single room for her every trips. She answered me in embarrassing because she needs to have masturbation for having a good sleep. Jilling off to have a strong orgasm makes her a decent sleep. Then I asked her: "Do I need to let you alone tonight?". She replied: "Your stay may help me have a nice dream." 

Divers in romance (part 6) an accident happened in Cocos Island潛水員的浪漫-Cocos 島的奪命意外(六)

Cocos Island
After six months, we started our trip on a rainy day. We took Cathay Pacific's flight to Los Angeles for transit to Costa Rica. As two flights were at difference terminals, we needed to bring our luggage to walk over several hundred meters. Our luggages could not check through to final destination, because we were via US, which requires a comprehensive security check. I was required to pick every pieces of stuff from my cases for customs to exam including explosive matter detection.

How do customs check illegal substances that are brought on soil?
A custom requested me to put my luggages on a bench table, then he wore a pair of new plastic gloves and
a pair of gloves
 used a testing paper to rub on my stuffs. Following, he put it into a machine for running a test, and it turned out a positive result. The custom suddenly altered and demanded me to keep a distance from the bench. He ditched his gloves and wore another new pairs for second examination. This is the reason why US consumes such large of goods then the others. In China, they either do not wear gloves or use it for whole day. The machine has been keeping to give a positive result. Then he called a senior supervisor to confirm his investigation. This supervisor who lost one hand went through the similar procedures too. 

I saw the machine has been keeping to give the same result, but this supervisor told me that I was clean and I may leave. On this checking, they used 8 pairs of gloves. I wondered this machine may be too sensitive and guessed it might be caused by the pills that I used for insect repellent before.

Our vessel 
After we had stayed over night in San José, the capital of Costa Rica, an agent of the company picked us up to the pier to where we took 2 hours by mini van. When we were onboard, they said this trip was over-booked. They arranged us into a room. I wondered why they didn't tell us before, but they said they have asked Camilla and she accepted.

Our room

When we have entered into the room, I saw that the room has a queen size bed. I asked whether she was alright for this. She asked me what I had concern, or I had snoring. 
Snoring during sleeping
I said: "Don't blame me, if I put my hand on your body unintentionally." She said: "So do I."

The vessel sailed in the evening. We had a lot of time to prepare our diving gears, because we took 32 to 36 hours to there.
The other guests came from difference countries. It was lucky that there were no Chinese, as we are HongKonger. 

They have two speed boats for travelling us to the dive sites, so we were separated into two groups, but one guest whose name is Rohina Bhandari was in a single group. She yelled Camilla when she arrived the pier. She said Camilla's mother is her company legal advisor for her company Hong Kong region business. She said she was a beginner scuba diver and she learned this dive site from Camilla's mother, because she told her that her daughter and I would travel to Cocos Island after she has known that she just got a beginner scuba licence. She had a soft spot for the hammerhead sharks because she likes them swimming elegantly.

She booked this trip one month before its departure, but the operator rejected her in the beginning because she failed to meet the requirement of sufficient dive logs and minimum level of license. After she had fought tooth and nail, the operator required her to hire her own dive master to dive with her for safety. She even brought a textbook of beginner scuba diving to read on board.

After we had seen her performance underwater, Camilla and I thought she was unsuitable to dive here. She was out of her depth in this dive sites and even this trip. The operator got their risk finally even though she hired her own dive master. Our worry came true on the third days of our trip.

We saw a tiger shark come to follow us, but it has kept a distance from us, because the bubbles that are exhaled by divers are very disturbing and annoying to it. I have known it was not too dangerous, because sharks rarely attacked scuba divers except they did hunting and feeding.

We had 3 dives and one night dive on the first day. It was amazing to see a lot of hammerhead sharks that was swimming toward us so close. The dive site of our scheduled first dive on the second day was Manuelita Coral Garden. When our dive was going to the end, Rohina Bhandari was doing safety stop at 5 meters. 
When she saw the tiger shark approach closely, she has gotten panic. Her response provoked the tiger shark to attack and it mauled on her upper legs. Even though the shark did no further action, her legs were suffered strong lacerations. She bled seriously and this blood provoked the shark to attack the dive master, Jiménez’s, either. He used his fins to kick the shark's gill, which is one of the weakest link of shark, but he was wounded also. 

This is the news about this accident.

The news about the incident of tiger shark attacked on an US woman

The doctor
After they had saved on the vessel, the operator cancelled all activities and recalled all divers back to the vessel. Our caption called for an emergency help by radio. A doctor who was diving on the next vessel came to exam her situation, as she lost a lot of blood and became unconscious. The doctor said she must have blood transfusion for saving her life, but it was impossible at such remote area. She finally passed away. This trip was terminated and the caption sailed back to the pier immediately. Her corpse has been stored in her room until we arrived onto the pier.

This is the tiger shark that bitted the US' diver and the dive master.