Divers in romance (part 6) an accident happened in Cocos Island潛水員的浪漫-Cocos 島的奪命意外(六)

Cocos Island
After six months, we started our trip on a rainy day. We took Cathay Pacific's flight to Los Angeles for transit to Costa Rica. As two flights were at difference terminals, we needed to bring our luggage to walk over several hundred meters. Our luggages could not check through to final destination, because we were via US, which requires a comprehensive security check. I was required to pick every pieces of stuff from my cases for customs to exam including explosive matter detection.

How do customs check illegal substances that are brought on soil?
A custom requested me to put my luggages on a bench table, then he wore a pair of new plastic gloves and
a pair of gloves
 used a testing paper to rub on my stuffs. Following, he put it into a machine for running a test, and it turned out a positive result. The custom suddenly altered and demanded me to keep a distance from the bench. He ditched his gloves and wore another new pairs for second examination. This is the reason why US consumes such large of goods then the others. In China, they either do not wear gloves or use it for whole day. The machine has been keeping to give a positive result. Then he called a senior supervisor to confirm his investigation. This supervisor who lost one hand went through the similar procedures too. 

I saw the machine has been keeping to give the same result, but this supervisor told me that I was clean and I may leave. On this checking, they used 8 pairs of gloves. I wondered this machine may be too sensitive and guessed it might be caused by the pills that I used for insect repellent before.

Our vessel 
After we had stayed over night in San José, the capital of Costa Rica, an agent of the company picked us up to the pier to where we took 2 hours by mini van. When we were onboard, they said this trip was over-booked. They arranged us into a room. I wondered why they didn't tell us before, but they said they have asked Camilla and she accepted.

Our room

When we have entered into the room, I saw that the room has a queen size bed. I asked whether she was alright for this. She asked me what I had concern, or I had snoring. 
Snoring during sleeping
I said: "Don't blame me, if I put my hand on your body unintentionally." She said: "So do I."

The vessel sailed in the evening. We had a lot of time to prepare our diving gears, because we took 32 to 36 hours to there.
The other guests came from difference countries. It was lucky that there were no Chinese, as we are HongKonger. 

They have two speed boats for travelling us to the dive sites, so we were separated into two groups, but one guest whose name is Rohina Bhandari was in a single group. She yelled Camilla when she arrived the pier. She said Camilla's mother is her company legal advisor for her company Hong Kong region business. She said she was a beginner scuba diver and she learned this dive site from Camilla's mother, because she told her that her daughter and I would travel to Cocos Island after she has known that she just got a beginner scuba licence. She had a soft spot for the hammerhead sharks because she likes them swimming elegantly.

She booked this trip one month before its departure, but the operator rejected her in the beginning because she failed to meet the requirement of sufficient dive logs and minimum level of license. After she had fought tooth and nail, the operator required her to hire her own dive master to dive with her for safety. She even brought a textbook of beginner scuba diving to read on board.

After we had seen her performance underwater, Camilla and I thought she was unsuitable to dive here. She was out of her depth in this dive sites and even this trip. The operator got their risk finally even though she hired her own dive master. Our worry came true on the third days of our trip.

We saw a tiger shark come to follow us, but it has kept a distance from us, because the bubbles that are exhaled by divers are very disturbing and annoying to it. I have known it was not too dangerous, because sharks rarely attacked scuba divers except they did hunting and feeding.

We had 3 dives and one night dive on the first day. It was amazing to see a lot of hammerhead sharks that was swimming toward us so close. The dive site of our scheduled first dive on the second day was Manuelita Coral Garden. When our dive was going to the end, Rohina Bhandari was doing safety stop at 5 meters. 
When she saw the tiger shark approach closely, she has gotten panic. Her response provoked the tiger shark to attack and it mauled on her upper legs. Even though the shark did no further action, her legs were suffered strong lacerations. She bled seriously and this blood provoked the shark to attack the dive master, Jiménez’s, either. He used his fins to kick the shark's gill, which is one of the weakest link of shark, but he was wounded also. 

This is the news about this accident.

The news about the incident of tiger shark attacked on an US woman

The doctor
After they had saved on the vessel, the operator cancelled all activities and recalled all divers back to the vessel. Our caption called for an emergency help by radio. A doctor who was diving on the next vessel came to exam her situation, as she lost a lot of blood and became unconscious. The doctor said she must have blood transfusion for saving her life, but it was impossible at such remote area. She finally passed away. This trip was terminated and the caption sailed back to the pier immediately. Her corpse has been stored in her room until we arrived onto the pier.

This is the tiger shark that bitted the US' diver and the dive master.

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