Divers in romance (part I) We met in a class 潛水員的浪漫(一)認識了一個學潛水的少女

Now, I will write a series of stories that will be narrated my history about diving activities.
Stay tuned. This is a long story.

I have been a scuba diving instructor for twenty years. Why have I become an instructor? I had not desired as an instructor before, but it has brought me a lot of memory. It was all about a trip to a paradise island, to where I was given a free ticket. On a local trip, the guide made me share a boat with a couple of divers who dove at the middle of the boat trip, then I was waiting on the boat for an hour. I thought diving is quite cool.

After I have returned to home, I enrolled in a beginner diving course, which is the most basic course for learning scuba diving.
HKIST diving course schedule
In this class, it had 4 students who were a couple, a single girl and me. As I am good at swimming, I did very well to pickup all techniques. During the course, we had many things to learn. We had eight hours lecture of diving theory, two sections pool training for six hours and two and half days boat dive in open water for practice

After each day's training, the instructor and we had a tea to review our training and shared something of ourselves as well.  

The couple were civil servants so they had too many holidays, which they spent. This was the reason why they learnt scuba diving.
The girl was only 24 years old and she has been a freelance private English tutor since she graduated. Her name is Camilla and she studied linguistics in USA so that she can speak English and several European's languages very well.  When any natives speak with her on phone, no one may realize that they are talking with an Asian. She may speak in both common accents, which are received or posh and general American pronunciation. Although they have only slightly differences in some vowel and consonant pronunciations, she speaks both perfectly. She raised some differences such as the letter 'O' pronounces /ɒ/ for British and /aː/ for American.
Therefor, she may mock an American or a British. When we have become a friend later, she taught me from the basic, core concept of English, then I found that my previous English classes were useless and waste of time. Had I had an English teacher who has just half of her techniques and knowledge, I would not have failed in English paper in Advanced level Examination.

She told us why she has learnt scuba diving. She just broke up from a six year relationship which was her first dating. Her ex-boy friend was a sporty guy and they had been dating since she studied in high school.  Her breaking up made her food for thought. She wanted to try something that she had never done before. I guessed her ex-boy friend was a diver. Although she was enjoying scuba diving, she has still been caring her beauty. She always covers all her skin, when she is on surface and keeps away from sun light.

I didn't know as a freelance English teacher can have such high income.
She drove Maserati and bought full set of diving gears that were the most advanced models while we were using rental gears. I known later that she is the daughter of the chairman of  a Hong Kong listing company, but she has never disclosed to acquaintances.

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