Divers in romance (part 4) My first oversea diving trip - The Great Barrier Reef, Australia 潛水員的浪漫(四)大堡礁之旅

The most difficult thing of the instructor's course was to overcome the challenge of low water temperature, because our course took place in the winter. The water temperature was as low as 15 degrees Celsius. 
Rescuing a victim from bottom
The second difficulty was rescue examination. I was almost exhausted during the examination that required us to pick a victim who drowned under 6 meters depth from the bottom and brought him onto the beach. Following, I gave CPR on him. 
Giving pure oxygen

Other than a series of examinations, the remaining requirement was to fulfil the accumulated number of dives. Therefore, we planned an oversea trip. 

There are so many dive sites we want to visit. Camilla suggested Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Then I asked her whether she can stay on a vessel for 9 days and resist seasickness. She said she has had no seasickness during the past local trips, as the sea was not too rough. I said I am highly resistance to seasickness, because I had an experience recently.

My mother was passed away last years. Her will was scattering her cremains at sea. My family got on a ferry that was provided by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of Hong Kong government. This service is free of charge because they provide an incentive to persuade more people to take this option for their relative's cremains, such that it will decrease the demand of riches. 
The leaflet on scattering of cremains at sea

As this service was not too popular at that time, they just hired a small ferry. When they parked at the scattering area where was at the east of Tung Lung Chau, the ferry didn't have anchor.
It has been being swung for the whole ceremony.
scattering of cremains area
I saw almost all the guests who began to vomit shortly except me and my family. I then make a not too scientific conclusion. That anyone has the ability of resistance to seasickness is by genetic. I have to thank my parents.

I celebrated mother's day while I was diving near there.

I told her my experience and asked whether she might adapt a live on board journey. 

She replied she would be alright and asked: "If I got seasickness, would you take care of me?"

I was stunned for a moment and said "Uh-huh".

Camilla turned her head and looked at me.
I said again with smile: "Certainly, of course."

She did some research about live on board information and chose a route to Flinders Reef, Coral Sea, which was operated by Mike Ball dive Expeditions. 
Mike Ball
Their vessel has twin hulls. She thought it may be more stable, but she was wrong.  
Spoilsport vessel

The vessel, Spoilsport, departed from the town, Townsville. After we had traveled several hours, the vessel became to ride on heavy swells. It was rocked back and forth even though it has twin hulls.
She felt dizzy and coming to vomit. I told her she might go outside to have fresh air and look distant objects. Outside her room, there is a dive deck. We sat on the bench. After we had sat for a while, I felt her shiver. I asked her whether she felt cold. Then she sat between my thigh and made me to cuddle her. My left hand surrounded her belly and right hand put on her shoulder and chest. She caressed my hand and said she was warm. Smelling her hair and touching her skin, I couldn't resist my basic instinct. As she was embraced closely, she had to feel it. 

After she had sat for a while, she felt better. When she had fallen asleep, I carried her in my arms like a bride back to her room.

She looked ravishing while she was sleeping. I was stunning for a while then I kissed her forehead and put a blanket on her. 
Have I been fond of her or fallen in love with her? I struggled to stay or leave for several minutes.

We arrived in Flinders Reef at night. Before each dive, the programme manager, Black, introduced a very comprehensive briefing for the dive site. As Australia diving practice, no dive master leads divers. They require divers in buddy system to dive by themselves. 
school of jacks

The visibility of Coral Sea was very great. The operator, Mike Ball, guaranteed 45m visibility. For environmental protection, they set some permanent anchors on each dive sites. We made our entry from the stern, which is over 2m above the surface. You may watch the below video. The guy who plays with the sharks stands at this entry platform. From this video, you will know their highlight is scuba zoo where has two large cages for divers to watch sharks' action safely. They fished some big tuna fishes during the voyage, chopped them into several pieces and put them into a basket.

Black-the programme director of Mike Ball
The programme director, Black, who was drop dead gorgeous in wearing his marine camouflaged long sleeve wet suit with hood and a pair of long blade fins, shook the basket to attract more sharks to gather there for us taking photos.

Unfortunately, this is a risky job. He was bitten by a shark and made a teeth mark on his right upper arm during his next schedule of our trip. 

The programme director, Black

From the recent information, there are no operators to run this route because the trip is quite long and lack of guests.