Divers in romance (part 5) Visit Camilla's family潛水員的浪漫(五)首次造訪

Since we accumulated sufficient logs, we have been scuba diving instructor.

She has really touched my heart, since we were in the Australia's trip. We have met more frequently even in non diving activities and have also had more personal conversation.
Talking on the street
Sometimes, I thought whether it was the right moment to say those three little words to her, but I made jokes on her to cover my silly feeling. She has never burnt my bridges even though I made her embarrassing. She has always forgiven me when I gave her a hug, or pecked her front head softly.

One day, she told me that her mother's birthday was on the coming Saturday and she has prepared a celebration at her home. She asked me whether I could come to her mother's birthday party.

As I was the first time to meet her mother, I worried to prepare a suitable present for this visit, but Camilla said I need not shop around it. I dressed up with my only suit on that day. She came to pick me up and passed me a box of ear rings
pairs of ear rings
and a bunch of lily.
bunch of lily
They were the presents that she wanted me to butter up her mother.

It was the first time I visited her home, which is at Black's link where is near the Peak, Hong Kong Island. Her house is a three stories building with its own swimming pool.

When we entered into her house, her mother was sitting on a couch and reading a magazine.
Her mother was reading on a couch
I gave her a greeting for her birthday and she came to give me a big hug and let me sit next to her. After I had given her the lily, she was enchanted. That Camilla knows what her mother likes made me have a good reputation for her mother. Although she was very impressed, I knew she has known this were arranged by her daughter.

Her mother is a solicitor and works in an international law firm as a partner. She usually talks in English with Camilla. I have known why Camilla's English ability is so excellent. I had difficulty to speak fluently, so they encouraged me to speak more and taught me what my mistakes were and how I was able to correct them. It is very useful and this is the reason why I can write blog in English now.

Her mother and I talked various topics from economy to human rights. I read between lines from her point of views. I known that she is a liberal and feminist. Camilla said her mother let her have highly freedom to do what she likes. If Camilla wants, she might ask her mother opinions, but she makes her decision finally. I thought it was quite rare that a parent has given their children to have such high degree of freedom.

Her mother said she had had some worries when Camilla said she would learn diving, until she has known her daughter had a trustable classmate who has been her buddy. I have been aware that Camilla shared everything with her mother. This is the main reason why her mother let her daughter do what she wants.

When the time has closed to the dinner, her father came. He just finished a business trip and his flight was delayed, so he couldn't come early.
A delayed flight

Her father asked me where would be my next expectation. I told him Camilla and I just watched a documentary of Cocos Island. There are many scalloped hammerhead sharks that swim shallowly. The island is located about 550km off of the coast of Costa Rica, to where we need to take 32 to 36 hours. Her father worried how Camilla could take such long trip on board. Camilla proudly said she has learnt how she has been able to tackle seasickness. Her father praised her that she has had a good boy friend to train her. I saw she was blushing.

Her mother led her servants to cook a slap-up meal for us. During the dinner, her father asked me a lot of my career. He is a usual businessman, so we also talked and shared some point of views about government policies. From my observation, Camilla and her mother like friends rather than the relationship of mother and daughter.

Camilla did some researches for our Cocos Island trip. There are only two companies, which run liveonboard trip to Cocos Island for tourists and divers. One of the companies, which is Undersea Hunter, offers a submarine expectation for guests.
The submarine is descending
They bring guests down to 300 meters depth, where is hard to go by scuba diving because it requires technical diving technique that takes dead great risks.

Undersea Hunter has two vessels named Argo and Sea hunter. Argo is larger because it hosts the submarine.

Someone might know Costa Rica from watching the World Cup. This country is in the middle of America and is located at the north of Panama. She is one of the countries that doesn't equip any armies and cares about environmental protection. She has over 30% area covered by tropical rainforest, and has declared Cocos Island and its surrounding ocean as a national park since 1978, so fishing has been prohibited. This is the reason why she has only licensed two companies to operate there.