Divers in romance (part 9) Sadin Run in South Africa潛水員的浪漫(九)南非的沙甸球

Girl with black clothes

A Candid Conversation

I have stayed in Camilla's home for a few days and I found that her mother has also taken a leave after she heard the accident. This was the right moment that Camilla and I were able to talk to her as a witness, because we read many speculations that were posted on webs had no ground and they didn't know what happened actually.

Her mother had a lot of questions to ask me of my personal, although I have known Camilla told most of them to her.

Her mother asked why I had not dated Camilla until the Cocos
Island trip. She said her daughter had been so frustrated before, so she has been encouraging her to act dominantly, but she worried whether it was because she was not a virgin or I would reject her after her confession. Her mother has always told her that she thought too much. Therefore, she invited me to her birthday party to meet me personally, and she facilitated a situation to make us living in a room of the Cocos Island trip. Then I fully understood why she had blamed herself of Rohina's death.

I explained that her daughter is such allure. I have been fond of her since we met in the diving courses and I have appreciated her to take care of me, but the financial gap has made me to hesitate to express my feeling to
her or I am timid. At last, I bottled it. Her mother corrected me that her daughter is not rich, but her family is. She is just a freelance and self-employed tutor and doesn't earn too much in the term of rich people. We had a candid conversation that has made me know the behind story of Camilla and so did her mother on me. The whole picture has been added up.

Her mother pulled me towards her and whispered a secret of her daughter. I said I would keep a lid on it. She said I am her daughter second boy-friend and would be the last one. She wished her daughter broke up with her ex-boy friend, after the first time she met him, because he looked like a Casanova and flirted every where. He betrayed her several times. Camilla had kept the relationship because she lost her virginity to him. 

Sardine run in South Africa
This night, we watched a documentary about South Africa, which
South Africa fur seal
films sardine run, fur seals, penguins and white sharks. Between June and August, an immense amount of sardines swim and head north up from Cape Town along the coast of eastern South Africa. Many animals chase and hunt them, as they are delicious food for them. Usually, the sardines swim in a group, but the bottle-nose dolphins are very clever. They start to chase the sardines to the surface, and drive the shoal together into a bait ball. This technique is called bubble-netting. 

African penguin
Cape gannet
Then an enormous amount of hunters join the fray. They are Bryde's whales, bronze whaler sharks, Cape gannets that hunt through plunge-diving and Cape fur seals. You may see from the video, the scene is spectacular and impressive.

Camilla said she wants to see next year. I told her that I just got a message from Undersea Hunter. They have offered us having two free seats to compensate for our last trip that was terminated early by an accident. This company did very well to have such offer within such short period, which is fair to their guests. I told Camilla: "We will try to ride the submarine to explore the deep sea next trip."
submarine descending


This is the video of our next visiting of Cocos Island.

Cleaning of Camilla's teeth

We went to dive in Hong Kong before the end of my holiday.
Camilla tested whether cleaner shrimps also clean human's teeth.
The answer is in the below video.

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