Divers in romance (part 7) The night after a diver passed away 潛水員的浪漫(七)潛水員過身後的一夜

Please notice that anyone who is prudish doesn't suitable to read this article.

All of us were upset to see such accident.

Camilla and I went back to our room to have a rest.
I heard she was crying and she said: "We just had talked during the breakfast, before her body soon became pale white when she was saved and brought on board." I saw that her eyes were swollen up with tears.

I was thinking whether I might console and alleviate her. We have stared into each eyes for a few minutes, then her hands put on my neck and her head rested on my shoulder. I then hugged her and said: "If you feel comfortable, I don't mind you are crying on my shoulder."

I felt both our heartbeats were increasing and our breath were  getting heavily. Our lips were getting closer and closer, then we have been kissing.
Her tongue was going inside to my mouth, and so did I. I reached a point of no return that I couldn't control my emotion. I caressed her face, neck, and breasts, and so did her. She stroked my penis, and has been making some humming and droning sound for me and took off her clothes and bra. I stroked her breasts and felt her soft breasts and hard teats. Then my fingers went inside of her thigh. Her clitoral area became more swollen with arousal, and she got even more sensitive.

She then changed her position on my upper side and sat on me. Her long and untied hair rested on her body naturally, which was just long enough to cover her nipples.
her breasts
She was keeping to kiss with me. We shared our breaths and sweats. I was so flustered. I shouldn't go further because I haven't prepared yet, but my libido has driven my emotion. I would not think that we might make love during the trip. Making a girl pregnancy is really hurt when she needs an abortion
 and I don't want to become a father too.

Woman is pregnant

As Hong Kong's governing is getting worse, political neutral and fairness have gone. Also, the independent of jurisdiction is deteriorating and it has become a police state. In short, Hong Kong has become a tyranny. It is really hurt for a child in the future. Moreover, the population is too much in the world. 

Then I said to her: "We should hold up, because I haven't prepared and have any condoms. You may have pregnancy." She replied:"Don't worry. It is ok." 

While I was hesitating, she took off our smalls. She put my penis into her vagina, and we have soon become a unity. Her supple breasts were wobbling, while she moved harmonically. Having coitus was an exercise that required an enormous workload, which we shouldn't do after we had repetitive dives within 24 hours.

When I felt I was going to have ejection, I asked her: "Should I take it out?". I knew this was not a good idea for birth control, but it might have little help. She replied: "Keep inside and eject into my body." 

I felt she was so ecstatic and thrilling. Her body was tense and spasm. She had an orgasm that was so good she laughed her ass off from the euphoria. Both of us got heavily sweaty, even though I have turned the air conditioner to work at full capacity. I asked her: "Do you need to have a shower?" She said: "She wants to keep my sweat and smell for a while." Then we hugged each other and kissed. After we have had sex, both of us underwent some kind of catharsis. 

We giggled each other, suddenly, I was aware and said: "I don't want to be another example of decompression sickness (DCS) victim, we were indispensable to drink a lot of water now."

Why did I say that?
Recently, DAN, which is an organization
to promote dive safety and offers diving insurance, had a medical report that stated a case of DCS. There was a couple who went to a liveonboard diving journey and the female suffered DCS. After an investigation of their diving profile, DAN found that they abided by the rules of no decompression limit. Finally, they studied their activities that they had done after dives and learned that they had sex. This was the reason why the female suffered DCS. When I had taught diving class, I usually said that you don't do any strenuous exercises and hot bath after dives that are referred to playing basket ball or football. I have added this warning to my students after that.

We went to the pantry to have a large of glass of water. I told her we should keep monitoring any DCS' symptoms for an hour. After I had a lot of water, I went to bathroom to have urination. She suddenly barged in the bathroom to give me a back hug. She was so naughty.  

She told me that she have had birth control since she had dating, because her mother has been caring about her and brought her to a doctor who advised her to use intrauterine device, IUD, which requires less maintenance and she won't have any chance to use it incorrectly like condoms. She uses ParaGard IUD, which doesn't have hormones and has protection for pregnancy up to 12 years. This IUD is a tiny device that's put into her uterus and it is one of the most effective birth control methods, which claims 100% protection.

After I have known this, I felt a great relief of worrying her to have baby.
Lucky, both of us didn't feel any DCS symptoms after an hour.

After our vessel has taken 36 hours travelling, we arrived to the pier. They transferred the corpse to police for them to have an autopsy. We all stood on the starboard and joined in tribute. Then we sung laments to mourn the passed away diver.

As our flight would be on the next day, we stayed one night in San Jose.
We have booked two rooms before, so we requested to arrange a twin rooms. I wondered why she always required a single room for her every trips. She answered me in embarrassing because she needs to have masturbation for having a good sleep. Jilling off to have a strong orgasm makes her a decent sleep. Then I asked her: "Do I need to let you alone tonight?". She replied: "Your stay may help me have a nice dream." 

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