Divers in romance (part 10) I helped her install the she-p for dry suit潛水員的浪漫(十)幫她成功裝好乾衣女性用小便裝置

True Lies

That I watched a movie True Lies made me know how a dry suit is used. It can keep a diver warm and dry under ice water. Arnold Schwarzenegger wear shirt under the dry suit. After he has taken off the dry suit, he can wear a tuxedo at once and go to a diplomatic banquet.
This is the scene of how Arnold takes off his dry suit.
After you have watched it, did you find a flaw from it?
The director uses a back-zipper dry suit for Arnold that must be unzipped by other people.
Had he used a front-zipper dry suit that can be self-donned, it would have been more convincing.
I also had another question from this scene. Can a shirt that was worn under a dry suit be as straight as a just ironed shirt? I did my proof later.
Dry suit with front-zipper

As I said before, the water temperature in Hong Kong is quite low in winter. There are several choices that we may use to overcome.
1. Dry suit
2. Thicker wet suit
3. Electronic heating warm diving suit
Electronic heating warm diving suit

Dry suit is the most expensive solution. It costed over HK$20000 (US$2600) per suit twenty years ago, but it has dropped to below HK$10000(US$1300) in most of the brands. 

Dry suit divers are required to take a lesson on the usage of dry suit, which includes a lecture and
a practise in open water. You may learn how you use the deflated valve, handle the leakage of inflator, control the air that is trapped in the area of your boots, and practice the buoyancy control by using dry suit.

Diving in water, we often feel to have pee because of the phenomenon of immersion diuresis.
Wearing dry suit can't urinate as free as wetsuit in which we may do whenever we want, if it isn't installed a pee valve. For men, their penis wears an uridome, which is similar to a condom but with an open end, to attach the pee valve. Therefore, the wearing procedure is very similar to wearing condoms with a little trick.
Pee valve

Wearing uridome

In the contrary, women can't enjoy such freedom. They used to wear diapers as their anatomy of genital is difference until 2006.
A female diver, Heleen who is a Dutch, invented a primary version of she-p, which was made by latex, because she had envied the freedom of male divers. As a lot of people had an allergy to latex. Nowadays, they are made by medical grade silicone.
The outlook of  the she-p

She-p is used to cover and adhere the whole female genital. 

An installation package of she-p
After we have bought our dry suit, we tested them at her home. I tried my uridome first, which doesn't require to shave, but shaving makes it easier to be detached. Camilla helped me wear it. She dried my penis and pull out my prepuce, the foreskin, as long as it can be pulled, because this provides the longest adhesive surface for the uridome.  
The genital after shaving
Wearing technique is as same as the usage of condom, but it has an additional adhesive surface inside. Finally, her palm held my penis firmly to apply force to make sure the uridome adhered to my skin of penis. I wonder men with short penis may not be suitable to use it because they have insufficient surface to adhere. I then connect it to the hose of pee valve. When I was urinating, my urine was coming out from the pee valve. 

Wearing She-p

For she-p, it is much complicated for donning. Shaving is a basic requirement. She sat in the bathroom with legs wide open and I used a razor to shave all the hair surrounding her vulva. 

After shaving, I gazed at her genital. It looks soft and clear, when it has no hair.

Uro-Bond IV
She-p is required to clean by medical alcohol every time. After all alcohol has vaporised, I applied a thin layer of Uro-Bond, 
which is used for medical originally.
I dried her skin and applied another layer of Uro-Bond on her skin. The rear size of the she-p must be as far back as possible without covering the anus, while the front size of the she-p can't directly contact her clitoris that is why there has an open space in the middle by design.
Rear position of She-p
Otherwise, her skin will be pinched and gotten sore. As Uro-Bond IV is a pressure sensitive adhesive, the she-p can be
Applying Uro-bond on She-p
peeled and restuck for better positioning without reapplication. After it has been firmly adhered to her vulva, she wore two thong underware one on either side of the reservoir and followed by a pair of boyshorts pants, which is used for additional force to keep the she-p in position. She tried to
Applying Uro-Bond on the skin
urinate as men. Her urine came out from the host of she-p. We then checked whether it has had any leakage. It was prefect for the first-time installation. She tested once more when it has connected to the pee valve with dry suit on. 

Installed She-p
We dived in winter and some places where water temperature is lower than 15 degree. We were ready to go to South Africa trip.
Both of us have satisfied  the dry suit and pee valve to provide an comfortable experience that we have never held a full bladder to surface and rush to toilet again.

Can shirt keep stright?

I wanted to prove whether True Lies is true. I wore a shirt with tie as undergarment. When I have been descending, the water pressure has been applying pressure on the dry suit and squeezing the
Dry suit with shirt and tie
undergarment. For shirts that make of mixture of polyester and cotton can stay wrinkle-free quite well, but pure cotton cannot stay when it has worn several times.


Camilla used to use tampons for her period before. Tampon is a roll of cotton and rayon that is inserted into vagina to soak up menstrual blood. Using she-p solves this trouble too because it collects blood also. Afterwards, she has gave up to use tampons in wearing wet suit, because blood was diluted quickly. Someone ask whether the blood attracts sharks to attack. I will explain this question later.

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