Diving in Raja Ampat

Diving in Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat, meaning "Four Kings", locate in the eastern side of Indonesia. 

Raja Ampat is considered a major epicenter of marine biodiversity, with over 537 corals (three fourths of all known), more than 700 kinds of mollusks and well over 1,000 species of fish inhabiting these waters. In fact, one famed ichthyologist, Dr. Gerald Allen, counted over 280 fish species on a single dive! It's no wonder this region is reputed to have the greatest diversity of marine life on earth and the abundance of underwater animals is truly staggering.
The best way is live-aboard. Grand Komodo is one of the diving operator who operate several fleets run in Indonesia. I will join the fleet MV TemuKira in March. It can serve 12 guests at most. This is a quite compact size fleet.

MV TemuKira

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